Independent Musicians Are Becoming the Future of the Music Industry

Published: Jul 29, 2022

The independent artist who aims to make their living off their music can find a variety of ways to do so.

A lot of artists are doing it out of their passion for music, rather than commercial success.

Diego Farias, the co-founder, and CEO at Amuse said “this growing crop of independent musicians signals seismic changes to come in the music industry. With less adherence to labels, there will be new key players and new ways of doing business think fewer managers and more short-term contracts. There’s something happening that’s going to impact the industry profoundly.”

Not only are more musicians making their way in the business without the aid of a label, but independent musicians are the fastest-growing segment of the recorded music business.

A new report from MIDiA Research fielded in partnership with digital music distributor Amuse says independent artists generated more than $643 million in 2018, a 35% jump from the year before.

Technological advancements allow artists to share their music with the world and build their careers at their own pace.

Artists have more control of their careers than ever before, and that kind of empowerment means that artists no longer see signing to a label as the road to success.

The vision of what it means to be a professional musician is changing.

But no matter what the status of the artist, having a professional recording of their songs is the most important.

Your audience deserves to hear you at your best!

You deserve to have your songs sounding the way you have always imagined them.

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